SE5A    Doug Gregory, Des Biggs, Vic Lockwood & Dave Linney

The Royal Aircraft Factory’s robust and long lived SE5A was one of a handful of First World War aeroplanes to achieve a lengthy production run with over 5000 airframes constructed and its useful life extended long after hostilities ceased.

flyingace07Armed with two forward firing machine guns, a Vickers on the fuselage and a wing-mounted Lewis gun, the SE5A was capable of out-fighting most of the enemy’s front line aircraft of its day.  In the hands of established aces such as Albert Ball, James McCudden and Edward Mannock it established and maintained air superiority until the end of the war. The SE5As flying with the Team are 7/8ths replicas but handle and perform just like the real aircraft.

Three are in the markings of 24 Sqn RFC and the fourth in the markings of 25th American Pursuit Sqn, which operated ex-RFC SE5As.  One of the RFC aircraft is flown by Doug Gregory who is now 84 years young, and is the only member of our team to have done this for real, flying Beaufighters, Mosquito and Spitfires in the Second World War and earning himself a DFC in the process!