Great War Display Team

The Great War, now more frequently called the First World War, raged from 1914 to 1918, and saw the development of air power from small beginnings to the vital tool of any battle that it was to become. 

The aircraft used were designed without the benefit of aerodynamic knowledge, were primarily made of wood and fabric, and were driven by unreliable and underpowered engines – the petrol engine only being some 20 to 30 years old in 1914.

The average age of the pilots was 20 years, and they usually went to the Front with less than 20 hours total flying time.  Nevertheless, these pilots took their aircraft to above 20,000 feet without oxygen, and fought the first massed aerial battles – the “dogfight”.

great-planeThe years of the Sky Knights are recreated for your display by the Great War Display Team.  In an exhilarating display of some 12 to 15 minutes, you will see the sky is filled with up to 10 aircraft as the allied aircraft tussle with their German counterparts for control of the air.


Bombs are dropped and aircraft shot down, departing the scene trailing smoke. The whole exciting spectacle takes place immediately in front of the crowd, and the aircraft are in sight and sound throughout the display – never being more that 1,000 metres from display centre.

automobile lifts for home garageEqually, less aircraft can be provided, and their display tailored to suit your specific requirements and timing.  The aircraft also provide an interesting and colourful sight on the ground, as a static item both before and after their aerial battles.  Ground troops can be provided to give a realistic recreation of a Great War aerodrome for your spectators to visit.

The cost of the display varies depending on the aircraft used and the distance of the venue from the operating base.  For more information, contact:

  • Tom Retcalfe; 0044 (0) 1904 878612;

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